About Michelle’s of Delaware

Michelle’s of Delaware:
Where an investment in art
is an investment in your future

Michelle’s of Delaware is a fine art gallery located in the heart of downtown Wilmington featuring works by visual artists of African Heritage. The gallery collection consists of originals and original graphics (serigraphs, lithographs, intaglios, etching and collographs). In addition to fine art, the gallery also carries high quality offset lithographs commonly called prints. The primary mission of the gallery is to provide the community access to high quality works of art by international and nationally known visual artists. In addition to the works housed at the gallery, a monthly reception is held to further expose our community to these accomplished artists. Michelle’s of Delaware’s inventory of original graphics is considered one of the finest and largest of any private gallery in the world. For years most of the focus of the gallery was on two-dimensional art; we have now expanded our collection to include three-dimensional works of art. The gallery now carries bronze, wood, and stone sculptures.

Michelle’s of Delaware prides itself on enjoying a fine reputation based on years of honesty and integrity among our colleagues and collectors. We provide the professionalism, proper knowledge and expertise needed to place quality works of art in any public, private or corporate collection. Michelle’s of Delaware features a continuing series of individual artist exhibitions as well as invitational and theme shows. The gallery is proud to represent artists from all over the world and all regions of the United States. The types and styles of art created by the artists is as diverse as where they live. Among them are artists of such stature as Romare Bearden, the master American collagist of the twentieth century; William Tolliver, considered by many to be the “Black Picasso”; and Jacob Lawrence, considered to be one of the greatest story tellers of all time. The nationally and internationally acclaimed artists represented by Michelle’s of Delaware are chosen with extreme care as we seek to exhibit works of art that have a particular visual poetry, a spiritual quality and an inner integrity that transcends the every day, regardless of whether it is abstract, representational or realist. Our extensive inventory of works by all gallery artists may be viewed during a private presentation.

Dear Valued Customer,

It is with great pleasure that we present Michelle’s of Delaware’s electronic information exchange. Throughout you will find an informative overview of our unique and exquisite collection of fine art and our cordress of visual artists. Behind the Michelle’s of Delaware name, is an unparalleled team of professional sales consultants along with a fully trained and competent team of framers, always ready to respond to your every need. Rest assured, we will do our best to guarantee that each and every Michelle’s of Delaware customer is fully satisfied, both with the quality of our products as well as with the attention to detail that we pay at every level of our service organization. As we continuously fine tuning our knowledge and skills, we strive to maintain an exceptional standard of excellence in every aspect of our operation. As always, Michelle’s of Delaware is committed to providing you, the preferred customer, with the highest quality and the greatest artists in the world today. We take pride in serving your needs because at Michelle’s of Delaware, we care. I personally invite you to carefully view this site in order to discover what distinguishes Michelle’s of Delaware from all others. On behalf of the entire Michelle’s of Delaware team and staff, I thank you for your patronage and look forward to serving you in your future endeavors.

Artfully yours


Raymond Bullock

Sr. Art Director